Universal Core Communication Systems

The Universal Core vocabulary is a set of 36 highly useful single words that can be used alone or in combination to communicate for a range of purposes on countless topics with a wide variety of communication partners. Several formats are available to support student access through direct pointing or touch, eye gaze selection, and partner-assisted scanning. High contrast versions are available to address the needs of some students with visual impairments and 3D symbols are available for students who are blind. Additionally, the Universal Core vocabulary is available on many communication apps and speech generating devices.

Universal Core Selection Tool´╗┐

This tool is designed to help you determine which of the common Universal Core vocabulary formats might be a good fit for the student(s) you support.  After you answer the questions, you will be directed to the format that is likely a good place to start.

Communication App and SGD Product Keys

A list of application and SGD product keys that have been created by companies to assist with integrating Universal Core vocabulary with devices and systems your students may step into or are already using.

A rendition of the 3D symbol for Like

3D Symbols

Three-dimensional (3D) symbols designed to represent select core words. 

36 words and symbol core communication board 8 x 11 page size

36 Location Universal Core Communication Board

A layout designed for students to have personal access to all day to communicate, and for teachers to use while modeling. 

36 image communication board classroom poster size

36 Location Universal Core Classroom Poster

The poster layout is best suited to small group or whole class instruction. 

9 page universal core communication book 4 symbols per page this particular photograph shows the high contrast version of this

4 Square Universal Core Communication Book

A 9 page universal core communication book with 4 words/symbols on each page.

4 page communication book

9 Location Universal Core Communication Book

A 4 page universal core communication book with 9 words/symbols on each page. 

9 page partner assisted communication book 4 symbols in a row on each page

4 Inline Universal Core Partner-Assisted Communication Book

A 9 page universal core partner-assisted communication book with 4 words/symbols on each page. 

Photograph of the words like, want, not, and go in a 9 location eye gaze

4 Corners Eye Gaze Universal Core Communication Book

9-page Universal Core book with symbols in each corner of see-through pages.