4 Inline Universal Core Partner-Assisted Communication Book

Creative Commons License
The 3D Universal Core Vocabulary Symbols by The Center for Literacy and Disability Studies are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
screen shot of 4 inline symbol per page book


9 page universal core partner-assisted communication book with 4 words/symbols on each page. Layout is best suited to students who benefit from partner-assisted scanning to hear or see each word as it is presented by a communication partner. As words/symbols are presented, the communication partner identifies and responds to a student’s individualized ways of indicating a selection. Designed for students to have personal access to all day to communicate, and for teachers to use while modeling. High contrast version available.


1. Print on standard letter paper in landscape orientation.
2. Cut each page in half.
3. Laminate the half-sheets.
4. Bind 9 page book(s).

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Boardmaker Studio

Boardmaker Version 6

Note: To conserve paper, each printed page includes 2 copies of the half sheet communication pages.