Instructional Planning and Reflection Forms

Weekly Literacy Academic Routines Planning Form

The Weekly Literacy Academic Routines planning form details what is required to effectively implement the Universal Core vocabulary and communication instruction during five common academic routines.

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DOCX, 4 pages, 45 KB

Daily Routines Planning Form

The Daily Routines Planning Form outlines how adults will demonstrate the use of the Universal Core vocabulary during daily activities like arrival and departure, meals, personal care, and transitions.

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General Self-reflection and Observation Form

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DOCX, 1 page, 34 KB

Shared Reading Self-reflection and Observation

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DOCX, 1 page, 38 KB

Predictable Chart Writing Self-reflection and Observation

PDF, 2 pages, 893 KB
DOCX, 2 pages, 27 KB

Alphabet and Phonological Awareness Self-reflection and Observation

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DOCX, 1 page, 35 KB

Independent Reading Self-reflection and Observation

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DOCX, 1 page, 33.9 KB

Independent Writing Self-reflection and Observation

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Classroom Characteristics Form

The Classroom Characteristics Form is designed to help school teams consider the characteristics of classrooms and the supports needed to fully implement Project Core and the Universal Core vocabulary.

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Action Planning Form

The Action Planning Form supports implementation teams as they plan activities, assign responsibilities and identify resources for addressing areas of practice identified as priorities for continued development.

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