harold lying on a mat
Do you know a Harold?

Harold is an observant and active high school senior. It is quite common to wander into Harold’s classroom and see him expressing his desire to be on the go as he physically wheels himself...

jeffrey with his communication device

Jeffrey is an elementary student who has complex physical needs. It takes a lot of energy for him to control his body and communicate, therefore he fatigues easily...

Jade with universal core symbols
Do you know a Jade?

Jade uses a wheelchair for mobility. She works hard to propel herself, demonstrating her desire to be as independent as possible. She needs a lot of help steering. She can use her hands...

Nathan pointing at something off camera
Do you know a Nathan?

Nathan is an enthusiastic and energetic preschool student. He is interested in the people and things in his environment. When we first met Nathan, he was using single symbols...

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