3D Symbol Use (PDF):  Initial guidance to school teams on how to introduce and use the 3D symbols. This document will continue to be revised as a result of ongoing research to further define effective practices.

Communicating Yes or No (PDF): Brief overview about important considerations for supporting students in responding to yes and no questions.

Instructional Planning Form (PDF): Designed to support inclusion of Universal Core vocabulary in instructional planning for common routines. Self-evaluation and observation forms are available for each routine:

Alphabet Phonological Observation (PDF)

General Self-reflection and Observation (PDF)

Independent Reading Observation (PDF)

Independent Writing Observation (PDF)

Predictable Chart Writing Observation (PDF)

Shared Reading Observation (PDF)

Modeling the Universal Core (PDF): Brief overview of the benefits of modeling and examples of how and when to get started.

Partner-assisted Scanning (PDF):  Brief overview covering why partner-assisted scanning is important and how to get started.

Integration with SGDs and Apps (PDF):  Brief overview of how to integrate the teaching practices and resources with speech generating devices and mobile AAC applications.

Teaching Core Vocabulary Posters (PDFs): Collection of posters to decorate school walls with informational and motivational messages related to Project Core.

Program Implementation Guide for Coaches (PDF): The guidance in this document addresses the coach’s role in the implementation program.

School or Program Administrator Guide (PDF): The guidance in this document addresses information school or program administrators may need in order to determine if the Program will be appropriate for their teachers and students who have complex communication needs. It also provides guidance on how to move the Program forward if the need is determined.