3D Symbol Use (PDF):  Initial guidance to school teams on how to introduce and use the 3D symbols. This document will continue to be revised as a result of ongoing research to further define effective practices.

Communicating Yes or No (PDF): Brief overview about important considerations for supporting students in responding to yes and no questions.

Instructional Planning Form (PDF): Designed to support inclusion of Universal Core vocabulary in instructional planning for common routines. Self-evaluation and observation forms are available for each routine:

Alphabet Phonological Observation (PDF)

General Self-reflection and Observation (PDF)

Independent Reading Observation (PDF)

Independent Writing Observation (PDF)

Predictable Chart Writing Observation (PDF)

Shared Reading Observation (PDF)

Modeling the Universal Core (PDF): Brief overview of the benefits of modeling and examples of how and when to get started.

Partner-assisted Scanning (PDF):  Brief overview covering why partner-assisted scanning is important and how to get started.

Teaching Core Vocabulary Posters (PDFs): Collection of posters to decorate school walls with informational and motivational messages related to Project Core.