4 Corners Eye Gaze Universal Core Communication Book

Creative Commons License
The 3D Universal Core Vocabulary Symbols by The Center for Literacy and Disability Studies are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


9-page Universal Core book with symbols in each corner of see-through pages. Layout is best suited to students who can learn to use eye gaze to select symbols. High contrast version available.

Photograph of the words like, want, not, and go in a 9 location eye gaze


1. Set printer to print on both side and flip on the long edge.
2. Cut out each of the symbols.
3. Place in corners of 9 transparent sheets.  Note: Sets of trading card sheets are available from many companies and work well.
4. To support consistency with other layouts, follow the symbol location recommendations (on the last page of the download)

Download Links:

Adobe PDF

Boardmaker Studio